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Rolf’s latest public storytelling evening was in Edinburgh on 4th March, along with 7 other storytellers, at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, on the Royal Mile.

Rolf is chiefly a children’s storyteller and has told stories at Drumanrig Castle, village halls, historic houses and monuments, schools, community centres and at the Scottish Storytelling Centre Edinburgh.

He has been influenced by his German ancestry, by having been born in Dumfries in the turbulent Scottish border country and by having worked for 30 years serving Queen and Country. The beautiful hills and forests of southern Scotland are a rich source of traditional stories, and having spent childhood holidays in the Highland and Island of North West Scotland has left it’s mark through the Gaelic and Viking influences.

His two books – Beatrix the Bad Fairy (£6.50), and Haggis Hunting a short history (£5), are available from selected bookshops and directly from the author, post free to the UK. contact for a copy.

The prequel to Beatrix, Mortimer the Toll, and another less than scientific study, of Scottish Chocolate Mining as short history, should be published later in 2017.